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Portsea Transport & Removals

  •  Start packing as soon as you know you are moving.
  • Throw away/donate or sell any unwanted items, saving time & money on the day of your move.
  • Small boxes can easily be moved in a car/ute. Hiring a removalist to just move the heavy items will save on costs.
  • Put all your hanging garments into Port A Robes, making it easier at the other end.
  • Pack Kitchenware in small boxes and use hand or tea towels in between layers to help protect crockery & glassware.
  • Bubble wrap any artwork/sculptures/figurines, etc
  • Ensure your hallway & walkways are clear.
  • Ensure there is parking available & close by before the removalists arrive.
  • Don't overfill boxes as they stack better.
  • Disassemble beds in advance and place any parts in plastic bags and place in bedside tables if possible.
  • Empty out the Fridge/Freezer first thing in the morning, placing all cold foods & liquids into padded chilled bags so they stay cold. Turn off at the power point.
  • Make sure there is nothing left inside your washing machine or dryer. Turn off the water, disconnect the hose & power cords.
  • Have a small box open to throw in the last minute items that used the night before, so you can take that with you to the new place or into storage.